Connecticut State Tax Information

Connecticut Minimum Wages
Effective 01/01/10Effective 01/01/16Effective 01/01/17Effective 10/01/19
Minimum Wage:$8.25$9.60$10.10$11.00
Minimum Cash Wage
Tipped hotel or restaurant employees:$5.41$5.69$6.07$6.38
Tipped bartenders only:$7.02$7.34$7.82$8.23
All other tipped employees:$7.90$9.25$9.75$10.65
Maximum Tip Credit:
Tiiped hotel or restaurant employees:$2.56$3.53$3.72$4.62
Tipped bartenders only:$0.91$1.78$1.87$2.77
All other tipped employees:$0.35$0.35$0.35$0.35
Youth Minimum Wage:$10.10

Connecticut State Income Tax
Wage Withholding:Wage %
(Net of exemption and credit table))
Supplemental Wage/Bonus Rate:No provision

Connecticut Unemployment Insurance
Maximum 2020 Taxable Earnings:$15,000
(Unchanged from 2019)
Employee Deduction:None
Employer 2020 Tax Rates:1.9-6.8%
(Includes 1.4% fund solvency surtax)
Standard 2020 New Employer Rate:3.20%
Voluntary Contribution Permitted:No

Disability Insurance
Employee Deduction:None

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